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Monthly Archives: May 2011

By Denim Bedevil’d

Dear Style Deity, what’s a guys supposed to do about skinny jeans? I need a new pair and my eyes cross when I think about sorting through endless tables of denim. Thanks, Too Many Jeans, Too Little Time Dear Too Many, The best thing I can do for you is refer you to the GQ [Read More…]

The Short Answer

Dear Style Dude, Okay, so here’s a summer question. Should shorts fall above/below/on the knees? Is it a preference thing? Thanks, Cut-off from my Cut-offs Dear Cut-off, If you go by the market, 70% of men’s shorts are cut to end at the bottom of the knee cap. The slimmer the leg and the fewer [Read More…]

Man Up, Suit Up

Dear Style God, It’s time for me to up my look and I love the suits you put on Nathan Fillion in Castle.  Where can I get some for myself?  I want to look like Rick! Suitless in San Diego Dear Suitless, With few exceptions, by the time we air an episode, the styles we’ve [Read More…]