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Monthly Archives: June 2011

And Speaking of Hosiery

Dear Style Guru, For me, summer is all about the challenge of getting to work without looking wilted. Once at the office, I am positively FROZEN by the air conditioning.  Is there some way to dress for both without resorting to a granny-like wool sweater and blanket?  Dresses/skirts work best for the heat but leave my [Read More…]

A Paler Shade Of White Girl

Dear Luke, Is it okay to wear nude stockings with a red-carpet type cocktail dress?  Women in the limelight often go bare legged, but I’m wondering how they pull it off? They often appear well tanned. If one’s skin is ghost white, like mine, it lends itself to neither tanning in the sun nor self-tanners [Read More…]

The Missing Link to Your Look

Dear Luscious Luke, my late father-n-law & late hubby left me their vintage can I use them? Any ideas? Thanks Gone to purple Dear Gone, Lucky, lucky girl! Get thee to the resale and vintage shops stat!  Pick up some men’s french cuff shirts and play around with repurposing them to suit your style. [Read More…]