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Monthly Archives: March 2013

At Easter let your clothes be new Or else be sure you will it rue

The Easter Bonnet is the culmination of the idea of ‘new clothes for Easter.’  In my opinion, Easter just isn’t Easter without a hat!  My first apartment in San Francisco was down the street from an evangelical chapel and let me tell you, on Easter Sunday the ladies pulled it OUT.  There must have been [Read More…]

Suitably Spring Like

Too cold to wear an Easter dress? Pastel pantsuits are the latest craze and completely versatile.  Take it soft, sassy or sophisticated with a top in knit, satin or crisp cotton.  Bring it all together with off-white belt, bag and shoes. Also! Add this sleek style and build your style foundation! Be sure to check [Read More…]

Spring Renewal for Your Feet

Actors tell me they find their character when they get the right shoes.  The right Easter shoes can set your style character for the season. Shoes are an essential for preparing your Easter look. These pastel heels with ankle straps are perfect for going from church to Easter dinner. Make them pop by pairing with [Read More…]

Easter Fashion Renewal

Easter came to mean one thing to me.  My feet would be sore.  We always got new dress shoes for Easter and since they had to last ‘til the following year, they were at least a size too big.  My sisters were treated to new dresses, bandbox fresh in party colors, directly from the smoking [Read More…]

Dip Dyed and Slouchy

This ombre-dyed oversized beanie means you don’t have to chose between staying warm and looking good. Style it slouchy or close to the head for maximum versatility.   Also! Nip Tuck’s Roma Maffia on Mad Hair, Wardrobe Malfunctions and Summer Trends into Fall

Symmetry is not all it’s cracked up to be

This Asymmetrical hat made of ombre-dyed fur felt will add drama to any ensemble. Wear it with your hair down, a low ponytail to one side, or a messy fishtail braid.   Also! Molly Quinn talks Comi-Con’s creative costumes!

Foxy Lady

Every winter needs a visit to Dr. Zhivago! No matter the weather this wool and fox hat will keep you warm and looking sleek. The fold-over brim allows you to work it to suit your style. Also!  Watch as Titanic’s Frances Fisher Discusses Costumes, Style and Comfort

In the Depression,Was I depressed? Nowhere near

    Lift yourself from the style doldrums with this 1930’s retro wool cloche.  The elegance of black conspires with the flirty feather accent for eye-catching appeal. Also!  Also! Penny Johnson Jerald (24 & Castle) talks about playing strong women 24/7

All that and a Pink Cloche

This garden cloche will have you screaming, “Tea party!” The soft pink color soothes the roughest mood and the elegant floral accent will turn any outfit girly in the wink of a well-mascara’d eye.   Also!  Lift your mood with a visit to the red carpet with the always well-masqcara’d Stana Katic

Verushka Lives!

Channel your inner-super model with a dramatic shape.  This fun floppy hat gives good silhouette.  It’s adorned with three pewter chains and adds a 70’s edge to any outfit.  At 100% wool, it’s sure to keep you warm. Check out how to: Also!  Now that you have a dramatic topper, work on your Style Foundation:  [Read More…]