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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Shark Week Comes Early @JackSpade

Here’s one way to feature your bermuda short SKU’s:  Skark Kill Units

Luke’s Sketchbook: The Allegory of Style #1

LR-6/07 Is fashion a glorious tool or insidious trap? What do you see when YOU look at a fashion image? Tell me…

Liberace Biopic Rated “S” for Sequins

Stephen Sodergergh’s torrid biopic of the life and loves of Lou Liberace airs Sunday on HBO at 9pm.   Ellen Mirojnick’s costumes are a character all by themselves.  Check back in here for more  insider view as we countdown to the meltdown.

The Prince of Orange

I know it may appear to some that I’m obsessed with all things orange, like these rubber surf shoes from Swims of Norway.  But really, now could I resist?  I mean, they’re RUBBER!!! And ORANGE!!!  Swims is putting out a great line right now.  I caught up with their collection at Sy Devore in Sherman [Read More…]

Best. Sunscreen. Ever.

La Roche-PosayI can wear this in full sun for a 90 minute swim team workout and no rays get through. Get the formula fm France if u can.   It has an additional ingredient that makes it last longer/work better.

Fabulous Website for The Expecting Mom #3

Bump It Up This sassy style guide for expectant moms created by Amy Tara Koch is the ultimate website for all those “pregnantistas” (do you LOVE that word or what!) who don’t want to sacrifice glamour during gestation. Think “The Glitter Guide” for expectant moms; this site is filled with great nursery DIYs, celebrity pregnancy [Read More…]

Fabulous Website for The Expecting Mom #2

What To Expect When You’re Expecting As you may have guessed, this website for moms-to-be covers the ins and outs of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. From Heidi Murkoff, the author of the book of the same name, this site gives tips for moms from preconception up until your child’s early years. Full of [Read More…]

Fabulous Website for The Expecting Mom #1

The Bump Named a top women’s website by Forbes Magazine, The Bump is the ultimate website for expectant mothers, and even young mothers with infants or toddlers. Brought to you by the creators of The Knot (a wonderfully brilliant wedding website), The Bump offers everything from fertility charts and ovulation calculators to new mom calendars [Read More…]