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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Destination Style: New York City

New York City is considered the fashion capital of the world—unless you’re French. Here the only rule is: There are no rules! NYC fashion is all about collaboration; high-end mixed with thrift store, neutrals with pops of color, and classic looks paired with more eclectic or trendy pieces. This look I composited is one I [Read More…]

Destination Style: Miami

When it comes to Miami fashion what can you say but hot, hot, hot! Miami’s tropical climate is no stranger to encouraging women to experiment with bright, bold colors and showing a bit more skin. It’s the original city is less is more. For a sizzling night on the town in the Miami heat try [Read More…]

Destination Style: Chicago

Despite being the most populous city in the Midwest, many see Chicago, as the city that fashion forgot, but that most certainly is not the case. I gotta say that the street style of Chi-town is anything but shy. In that respect, the style of the ‘Windy City’ is all about experimentation. For instance, pair [Read More…]

Destination Style: Nashville

What is one of the best things about travel? Shopping on location of course! Our SRC destination style guide is kicking off with the city of country music, Nashville, TN. Between the influx of popular country crooners like The Civil Wars and Lady Antebellum to the hit ABC show bearing the city’s name – Nashville [Read More…]