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Style From the Inside Out

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Hello Darlings,   It’s your favorite assistant, Noelle.  Just kidding! I know I haven’t earned your faith just yet.  Another crazy week has blown by faster than I thought possible.  In addition to the rigorous life of a costume designer, Luke has been preparing for months to bring his insight and wealth of knowledge off [Read More…]

Hello my Darlings!   It’s Friday which mean’s it’s me, Noelle, with your weekly Life with Luke segment.  This week, although short because of the Labor day holiday, somehow seemed longer than ever.  A plethora of technical issues around the office definitely caused some difficulties.  I know everyone has had some smash-face-to-desk sorts of moments at the [Read More…]

Hello Darlings, it’s me, Noelle !   This week has been busy busy busy as season 7 of Castle heats up.  Our offices are swarming with rolling racks flying this way and that, quick changing actors and anticipation for some of our most exciting episodes to date.  In addition, the September issues are flooding in. [Read More…]

Ubiquitous this summer, black and white stripes are a classic pattern that never goes out of style.  In the Medieval times only prisoners, clowns, prostitutes, hangmen and the condemned were allowed to wear stripes as the pattern was seen as emblematic of all things evil.  If anyone else was caught wearing the print, they were condemned and turned over [Read More…]

Hello World! My name is Noelle and I am Luke Reichle’s assistant. Every so often I plan on making a guest post about life in LA working with Luke on the set of Castle and filling you in on all the exciting plans we have for Secrets of the Red Carpet. We work long, hard, grueling [Read More…]

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