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Long has cinema inspired our costumes for Halloween.  The unlimited reach of movie magic opens its arms into beautiful fantasies that we happily dive into again and again.  For this year’s holiday I would like to share with you my favorite and most inspiring flicks that have influenced my favorite looks.   The Women (1939)   Romeo and [Read More…]

As a costume designer it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that my favorite holiday is Halloween.  I worked the trick or treat circuit in my home town well into my teens where I could be found wiring wigs together to create more volume and sewing up little sack dresses. We’ve seen our share of [Read More…]

Breast cancer affects all of us.  It sounds like can’t, but the the truth is that men, women and children are all affected whether it be directly — meaning one has contracted the disease, or indirectly — meaning a friend, a loved one, a family member falls ill, or peripherally –someone you look up to [Read More…]

Hello Darlings, October is here and I, Noelle, couldn’t be happier to bid adieu to these insane heat waves! What fashionista doesn’t love when summer turns to fall and “The Season” commences.  The most fabulous part being we are blessed with more and more reasons to dress up! From Halloween to holiday parties it is most [Read More…]

Pink is the color that represents our continuous journey to cure breast cancer and October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  As we continue our quest for the cure, please remember that researchers, doctors, patients, and families that have suffered loss from this cancer still need our support! Here at Secrets of the Red Carpet® we declare that Peach [Read More…]

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