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  Twice a year, every year, the world of fashion watchers morphs into frenzy mode, sinking their teeth into every designer’s latest silhouette, fresh new color or It Girl model.  It’s exciting! It’s fast! It’s Fashion Week! As devoted as it is to beauty, the le monde de la mode has long been blamed for a [Read More…]

Illustration by Zoe Shi It has been building for years, like the tension of a well crafted action film. “It” is the primacy of men on the red carpet.  The boys have been steadily upping their game, supported by the efforts of an ever burgeoning list of visionary menswear designers.   Leading the fashion pack is [Read More…]

Okay, I tried to pare it down to a Top 10, but picking from the wealth of loveliness was stressing me out.  Instead I offer you my Top 15 looks from last night’s climax to a stellar season. The Academy Awards have always been considered the Grand Prix of red carpets and this has remained so [Read More…]

2011 James Franco and Anne Hathaway host.  ‘Nuff said on that.  The King’s Speech is proclaimed the year’s best film.  Oscar graces Natalie Portman’s table at the Governors Ball for Black Swan.  Melissa Leo fights her way to the podium for the Shanty Irish award.  Provocative colors decorated with smart, beautiful embellishments were highlights. Cate Blanchett in Givenchy [Read More…]

2009 The decades draw to an end in a Hurt Locker.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button went in with thirteen nominations and walked away with three little gold men. Mickey Rourke made his comeback in The Wrestler and Heath Ledger joins Peter Finch with a rare posthumous Oscar.   Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz won the [Read More…]

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