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Style From the Inside Out

Style From the Inside Out

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Athletic wear popped up all over the spring runways, from track pants all the way to embellished sweatshirts. But nowhere was the note played stronger than with that on and off-campus staple, the varsity jacket. While the trend has been a mega-hit for a few years now, there are more variations than ever this season, [Read More…]


One of the most fabulous aspects of  fashion design is having the latitude to draw inspiration from anything and everything, including world-wide cultural influences.  Designers like Valentino, Hermes, Etro, and Dries Van Noten are just four of fashion’s big names who have taken style cues from the far flung corners of the Earth and incorporated them into [Read More…]


    Style from the Inside-Out Sometimes it seems no matter how closely you scour the fashion mags, how carefully you compose an outfit, or how well you match your colors, you just can’t achieve the look you want. When this happens, chances are, your clothes aren’t the problem. Style is an inside job, and [Read More…]


Spring is finally springing! And while you might not wanna pack away all your sweaters, you can at least start a spring style celebration by revamping your wardrobe with a little flower power. I know, I know. Florals are always in. But this year, they’re REALLY in. Big time. With more sophistication and eye-popping twists, June is [Read More…]


With April right around the corner (when did that happen?), a new style season is at our gel-nailed fingertips, swinging in with new trends and looks that puts the spring in your spring. One favorite is reptile in all its forms.  Python, alligator, and caiman galore were seen crawling down nearly every spring runway. While there are [Read More…]


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