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Dear Luke,

Your work is so beautiful!  I hardly sew much anymore now that there’s no fabric or pattern stores in my city!  I especially  miss the access to paper patterns.  

Woeful Without Weave


Dear Woeful,

I despair for you that you’re not sewing!  But really, great fabric is only a few clicks away.  Since I went to school around the corner on San Francisco’s Union Square, Britex fabrics has done a thriving remote business with Britex-by-Mail.

Britex ext

I’ve continued to use them as a resource in my film and television designs, like this amazing brocade for Kathleen Turner in A Simple Wish.


The selection is fabulous and the service sublime.


There are amazing restaurants and world-class shopping just steps away, so make a field trip–or as I like to think of it–a pilgrimage.


As far as sewing patterns go, they are plentiful on the web.  I cut my teeth on Very-Easy-Vogue


And don’t forget the classics: Simplicity, which also has a surprising costume selection, (Seriously!  The Matrix coats!),


and McCalls.  Check out this awesome style by Tracy Reece!



Happy sewing!

Lord Luke of Lame’

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