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Ask Luke: The Secret to Interview Style

Dear Luke,

 Help! I’ve got a job interview coming up and my professional wardrobe is severely lacking. Where can I find a few great outfits that will fit my tall and slim frame without breaking the bank?


 Thrifty Threads


Dear Thrifty,

With more and more college graduates seeking what few jobs are out there,you’re wise to check your image in order to provide yourself with a visual edge in interviews.  Problem is, you don’t yet have the job that will provide bank for a new wardrobe.

The secret is in the source!  There are stylish and affordable options out there. Check out discount retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for deals on designer duds.  For fresh fashion English retailer H&M has great finds that’ll flatter you without emptying your wallet.  Buy a few key pieces that you can interchange and gussie up with accessories.



This lovely little number is  both chic and business appropriate. You can fly solo with this or pair it with a blazer if you’re worried about showing too much skin.




A versatile top will never do you wrong.  This lovely cream job works tucked in or out and the beaded trim can take it day-into-evening.




If you’re searching for something with a little more fun and color, try a fitted pencil skirt like this one:




And then, of course, the staple dress slacks with a looser spin. A high waist on a pair like these will complement your tall figure without drowning you in a sea of fabric.



Knock ‘em dead!


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