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Style From the Inside Out

Style From the Inside Out

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It’s Not About the Clothes

How to Change Your Mind About How You Look

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Have you ever wished a glamorous Hollywood costume designer and celebrity stylist could teach you about fashion, style, and dressing for success? First in an upcoming trilogy called Secrets of the Red Carpet, It’s Not About the Clothes is written by Hollywood costume designer, Luke Reichle, who has dressed more well-known actors, sports figures, business tycoons and other luminaries than he can count. It’s Not About the Clothes is the culmination of his long experience of working with both celebrities and “regular people” to help them look their best. After spending all of that time in fitting rooms, it became clear to Luke that, as a species, we have a vision problem. It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re the hottest thing on the red carpet or a soccer mom from Red Hook, the minute we step in front of the mirror, the focus becomes our perceived flaws.

Before fashion and clothing can change your outside and create a unique and attractive look, he learned that connecting with the beauty inside and looking in the mirror and loving what you see was the foundation of true style. So, if you’ve had enough of thinking you’re not pretty enough, thin enough, tall enough, or shapely enough, then It’s Not About the Clothes is for you. It’s a system of simple, easy-to-follow daily actions to define, reinforce, and expose the true beauty inherent in everyone. Embark on a practical journey into the spiritual nature of style: to dress the body you have and love the body you’re dressing.

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