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Breast Blessed

Dear Luke,

I’m starting to date after being off the market for over ten years.  I’ve gotten a lot of action off of my profile and have set up my first date.  I like my body and I’m very curvy with a healthy bust.  My question is:  How much cleavage is appropriate to show on the first date?


Blessed with a Bust

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Dear Breast Blessed,

First of all, congratulations on liking your body.  I wish I got more letters that contained that phrase.

When it comes to necklines on a first date I’m a big believer in Moderation in All Things. The guy may look perfect on paper but lack a certain something in the flesh.  I mean, lets face it; getting to first base and beyond is all about chemistry.  Unless this date is a mere preliminary heat in the Hookup Olympics, you’ll be well served to keep your options open.

The best way to give yourself some leeway?  Invest in a well-fitted, button front blouse.  This style will give you options from prim to prurient.  You can start out on middle ground and after getting the—if you’ll pardon the expression—lay of the land; excuse yourself to the ladies room to make your adjustments.


Just one suggestion:  No matter how hot he is, don’t unbutton below the bottom of your bra.  It will come off as too desperate.

Image is all about communication whether what your communicating is “Date me,” or “Buy this product/service from me,” your image will speak for you before you even open your mouth.  No one knew this better than the Calliope of Cosmo Magazine, Helen Gurley Brown.  Here’s what Robin Givhan had to say about HGB in The Daily Beast–

 [She] didn’t concern herself with the shifting trends of the runway. She was more interested in the way fashion played out in popular culture, they way it could arouse, empower and provoke. In short, fashion was the conduit of a woman’s sexuality. *

So cleave away my darling.  And remember, experimentation is the key to success.  You may not know what works until you work it.

For more on presenting “The Girls” in their best light, check out my session with 24 and Castle co-star, Penny Johnson Jerald on Secrets of the Red Carpet at

*Here is the full Daily Beast article on HGB

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