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Preserving Expensive Shoes…

Q: “I just bought an embarrassingly expensive pair of shoes. They’re all I want to put on my feet. How do I keep them from wearing out?”


First, congratulations on overcoming sticker shock. It takes great fortitude to buy accessories equal in price to your car payment or for that matter, house payment. The best thing you can do now for those shoes–is to buy more.

Rotating the shoes in your wardrobe will do more to preserve them than any spray, cream or house call from the shoe doctor. Shoes, especially leather ones, need to dry out after a day or wear. Stuff them with paper so they hold their shape while they dry, or better yet, invest in wood shoe trees.

Having a lot of shoes that you love will not only insure their longevity, but your feet will be happier things to walk upon.

Better yet, have your significant other carry you from the house to the car and into whatever venue you’re stepping out to that night. Cutting down on the mileage will keep your footwear looking boutique fresh. It worked for Doris Duke and it can work for you.

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