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Secrets of the Red Carpet ®
Style From the Inside Out

Style From the Inside Out

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Private Styling



Luke is available for one-on-one or small group sessions. Enjoy the same Star Treatment as Hollywood’s leading ladies and gentleman! Sessions include:


-Initial wardrobe consultation

-Evaluation of current style, color and silhouette

-Recommendations for new pieces as well as repurposing existing pieces

-A copy of It’s Not About the Clothes, Luke’s groundbreaking work on the inside job of style



Whether you need a complete overhaul of your look or be dressed for an important event, let Luke put Secrets of the Red Carpet® to work for you.

CONTACT: to set up a complimentary consultation.




Your image and that of your employees is one of the most valuable assets for communicating your brand identity. How your employees dress, act, and present themselves in and out of the office speaks to your company. The Secrets of the Red Carpet® corporate image trainings and programs show you and your personell how to:


-Create a professional image that matches your mission, message and brand.

-Use fashion and style to increase sales and closing rates.

-Communicate their message through their appearance, before even speaking.      




These trainings can be implemented as a company-wide event, small team workshop, and/or individual consulting sessions.





Luke is a dynamic, inspirational speaker who can tailor his presentation for any group. He is available for:

-30 to 90-minute presentations

-Full-day workshops with breakout sessions

-Multi-day events tailored for corporate retreats, sales meetings and spouse activity


To book Luke for Corporate Image Training or as a speaker,

please contact