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As Seen on Castle: The “Alexis” Geode Necklace


I needed just the right touch to finish off Molly Quinn’s final costume in The Lives of Others, the 100th episode of the ABC hit series, Castle.  This necklace from Peggy Li gave me the hit of color and flash of gold I was looking for.

For this piece, geode slices are dyed into brilliant colors of blue, purple, reds and yellows and framed in a gold overlay. Peggy pairs these one-of-a-kind pendants with a sparkling faceted citrine and hangs them from a textured gold-filled chain. Each stone dyes differently.  Necklaces come in a choice of “Pinks” or “Blues/Purples”.

There were a limited number of these necklaces made, so place your order now and get your piece of Hollywood glam.  $110





citrinedrusy_detailPeggy LI Pink geode front Peggy Li Double