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Sochi Style: The Look of the Olympics 2014

Even in sporting events, there’s no shortage of delicious style and the Olympics are certainly no exception. One of my favorite part of the Games involves checking in to see how each country chooses to present themselves to the world – whether it’s a friendly, competitive,  patriotic, or in the case of Germany, slyly subversive.

Here’s a preview of some of the top looks from this year’s event in Sochi.

1. Germany

German Olympic And Paralympic Team Kit Handover

Germany swears up and down that their team uniforms aren’t a visual protest of Russia’s institutionalized homophobia, but seriously, they’re letting their rainbow freak flag fly.

2. United States


Just in case you were worried about patriotism in this country, you can rest easy. Nothing like a little Ralph Lauren to get that star-spangled bobsled going.

I’ve always loved speed skating (looks? outfits? drag?) And while they’ve been around longer than The Hunger Games, there is a certain brand synchronicity going on.  The U.S. skater’s speed suits appear to be channeling a little Katniss. And don’t even get me started on those thigh cutouts.

3. Russia

Presentation of uniforms for the Russian national Olympic team for the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

With the fur trim and bright red pants, the Russians are looking all kinds of jolly. Though as in so many cases, it’s the hat that makes the outfit.

4. Japan

Japan Ski Team Presents New Uniform for Sochi
Apparently at this Olympics, orange is the new Japanese.  But what are the Dutch supposed to wear?

5. The Czech Republic

Jan Matura, Antonin Hajek, Roman Koudelka, Lukas Hlava

Is the gold-trim on the jackets of the CR ski team a predictor of podiums to come?  I’m sure they hope so.

6. Canada

Oh Canada!   They’re certainly going  low-key in blocks of navy and red.  I do think they could kick it up a notch, maybe with a big maple leaf emblazoned on the front in red Swarovski crystals. But then, for me, Swarovski crystals somewhere are almost always the answer.

7. Norway
APphoto_Norway's Olympic Crazy Pants

As a guy who appreciates a bold suit Mr. Turk style, I’d say the Norwegian Curling Team is on point. And what better way to catch your opponents off-guard than to dazzle them with style?

8. Mexico

Six-time Olympian Hubertus von Hohenlohe (I dare you to try to say that three times fast) is the sole representative from Mexico at these winter Olympics.   This state-of-the-art mariachi ski suit is so, “Prom date who thought it would be funny to wear a t-shirt printed like a tuxedo.”   What I want to know is, where’s the hat?



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