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Post Surgery & Diagnosis: Re-examining Your Image

For those of you dealing directly with breast cancer, specifically its treatment and recovery, re-examining your image in the aftermath can be challenging, to say the very least. You’re likely dealing with a myriad of emotions, including the betrayal factor: How could my body do this to me? Take a deep breath. Validate your feelings, which [Read More…]

Featured Product: United with Love Tee

This week I’m featuring a product inspired by one of my favorite guest actors on Castle, Gilles Marini (also of Sex and the City and Brothers and Sisters fame). Gille partnered with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, one of the charities supported by the sale of Ford Warriors in Pink wear.   This fitted cotton tee is [Read More…]

BCAM Website Spotlight: Breast Cancer.Org

Next up on our chic breast cancer awareness countdown is community-driven site, Breast Cancer. org, a built-in online support group in its own right. The site contains a blog, chat room, and discussion boards to maximize your experience and get even more personalized information and advice than you might from another web source or even [Read More…]

Headscarf Fashion

I’ve covered clothing and beauty and now it’s time to get down and dirty with the latest in breast cancer accessories – scarves! Headscarf fashion is all the rage in the chemotherapy ward. Grab a scarf with a little fringe or a printed silk beauty and pull up a chair because we’re about to make even the [Read More…]

BCAM: Six Things a Spouse Can Do

So your loved one’s just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Both you and your partner are likely flying through a whirlwind of emotions, unsure of where you’ll land or how you’ll get there.  While breast cancer researchers are doing their damndest to tackle cure, there are things you can do right now that’ll make a [Read More…]

BCAM Website Spotlight: National Breast Cancer Foundation

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ― Mother Teresa In my last breast cancer website spotlight, I discussed the Mother of the Pink Ladies, Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  This round is dedicated to the Mother Teresa of Breast Cancer, The National Breast Cancer Foundation. [Read More…]

Think Pink! Beauty Products to Bring Out the Philanthropist in You

The dictionary defines pink as: the uniquely feminine color that represents health and vibrancy, thus inspiring hope for renewed well-being. Okay, it doesn’t actually say that specifically, but if the Pink Ribbon herself could be broken down into simple terms, that’s exactly what would come up. To celebrate the symbol for renewed hope and spirit, I’ve [Read More…]

Mastectomy Fashion

If you’ve undergone a mastectomy, you might be struggling with finding clothes that fit without awkward draping or obvious shifting. In this post, I’ll share some brands that’ll make you feel confident as well as comfy. It’s essential to find a clothing line that’s designed for breast asymmetry. This might  require a little internet finesse, [Read More…]

BCAM Website Spotlight: Susan G. Komen

  This is the first in a series of posts that break down the top breast cancer awareness sites, taking into account factors like content, site navigation, and accessibility. If I had them color-coded or cross-referenced via IP address, I could give even Monica Geller a run for her money. First up is the Mother [Read More…]

Coping in Style

Coping in Style Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you’re recovering from surgery, you’re likely feeling the strain – on your mind and your body. The good news? Rejuvenation is right around the corner. And I’m not talking about a double-mocha-cope-achino. Here are three simple but effective ways to ease the stress, both physically and mentally. [Read More…]