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Valentine’s Day for the Tool Man

Picking out a gift for your guy can be a challenge.  Make it a little easier by  taking a page from the boyfriend’s playbook.  You know how he gets you sexy lingerie and it’s really a present for him?  Valentine’s turnabout is fair play.  Get him something that he will like and you will benefit [Read More…]

Bloggers We Love: Marie Denee

Photo Credit: The Curvy Fashionista has started a curvy revolution! Determined to show the world that plus-size women can rock the trendiest of the trends, Marie’s blog showcases the latest tips, news, entertainment, and styles that set the plus-size fashion realm on fire. Her commentary is both thought-provoking and evocative, ranging from “An Open Letter to [Read More…]

Bloggers We Love: Aly Walansky

In addition to running her own awesome blog, Aly continuously graces the pages of major beauty and lifestyle news outlets with her own writing, content, and social commentary. You can find her on The Huffington Post, SheKnows, xoJane, Collective 310, and CelebBuzz dishing on everything from make-up woes (“Does Your Relationship With Your Make-Up Need to Take A Break?”) [Read More…]

Luke’s People’s Choice Award Picks

Since the Golden Globes started taking themselves so seriously, there is a gaping hole in the awards season red carpet — where is the kookie, the odd, the brave, the short-short and the patterned up?  From what I could see last night, the People’s Choice Awards have stepped up as the red carpet for the [Read More…]

Luke’s Style Secrets: The Shape of Hollywood

With the People’s Choice Awards tonight, the cannon has been sounded.  Awards season is officially started.  It’s time for glamorous gowns and important jewels, I’m pulling back the red curtain to reveal one of Hollywood’s best (or worst!) kept secrets –  shapewear. I know we can’t all have gorgeous figures like Kate Winslet but, well, [Read More…]

Bloggers We Love: Pretty in Pink Edition

Style maven Blair Eadie proves that pretty-in-pink ensembles aren’t just for Molly Ringwald or the errant wannabe princess. The secret lies in the black contrast, which gives the outfit a cooler vibe, transforming it from bubblegum sweet to edgy pink lady. The trick for rocking those temperamental horizontal stripes is all in the fit. Ms. [Read More…]

Ask Luke: Marooned in Maroon

Dear Luke, I have a great pair of burgundy pants that I love to wear, but I find myself grappling with coordinating options. I’ve done the pink and black thing to death, and now I’m in desperate need of new color alternatives.  Sincerely, Marooned in Maroon   Dear Marooned, No need to despair or even [Read More…]

All the Stars in Hollywood Heaven

  I was working at Western Costume Co. on my first film and got lost looking for the 19th century.  Opening a door that I thought would take me back to my office, I stumbled in to a room filled with dress forms. But these just weren’t any dress forms.  Western Costume has been in [Read More…]

TV Costumes by the Numbers

TV Costumes By the Numbers 50-75.  That’s how many principle costume changes (those for speaking parts) are put together for every episode of Castle.  Add to that the costumes for background players in the different locations and the number jumps into the hundreds.  We keep a constant cycle of Shop-Fit-Return going in order to feed [Read More…]

Bloggers We Love: What I Wore

Former fashion designer and big-name style blogger Jessica Quirk of What I Wore is lovely in this layered fall ensemble. Pairing a rich berry sweater with a flirty leather skater skirt, she offsets the darker tones of her look with a peek of classic chambray and a pop of gold in a chunky-jewel fan necklace [Read More…]