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Coping in Style

Coping in Style Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you’re recovering from surgery, you’re likely feeling the strain – on your mind and your body. The good news? Rejuvenation is right around the corner. And I’m not talking about a double-mocha-cope-achino. Here are three simple but effective ways to ease the stress, both physically and mentally. [Read More…]

Shark Week Comes Early @JackSpade

Here’s one way to feature your bermuda short SKU’s:  Skark Kill Units

Liberace Biopic Rated “S” for Sequins

Stephen Sodergergh’s torrid biopic of the life and loves of Lou Liberace airs Sunday on HBO at 9pm.   Ellen Mirojnick’s costumes are a character all by themselves.  Check back in here for more  insider view as we countdown to the meltdown.

Fashion Uproar

The dawn of the flapper caused an uproar in fashion that was as drastic as it was shocking.   Women were inspired to cut their hair, lose the corsets, and wear garments that allowed them to move freely. The flapper era focused on the details in the design and encouraged women worldwide to take risks in [Read More…]

Fabulous Vintage Flare

Accessories are an easy to way dramatize any outfit. Whether it’s costume jewelry or couture, great pieces are hard to resist. And though eye wear like this isn’t practical it does offer a fabulous vintage flare.  All you need is radar and you’re all set. Also! Check out Nip Tuck’s Roma Maffia shares dressing room [Read More…]

Step Outside your Comfort Zone

  Women’s footwear is an area that dares to be wild. Footwear designers have pushed boundaries that allow women to express themselves and literally step outside their comfort zone. An outrageous shoe will add all the drama you need for a simple outfit. Also! Molly Quinn gives her insights on creative costumes Check out our [Read More…]

Fool for Fashion

Just in time for April 1st we honor The Fool!  A figure of decidedly challenging dress and self-mockery, The Fool has earned a place in our visual dialogue as an object of wonder and derision. The Fool has always been an essential archetype in the fashion pantheon of muses, providing us with some of the [Read More…]