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The Manly ManiPedi: It’s Not Just for Quarterbacks Anymore

Just Like Joe Namath and panythose, Wilt Chamberlin and Chinchilla fur and Denis Rodman and body jewelry, Tim Tebow is making it all right for jocks the countrywide to rush their local nail parlor. Get your dad a mani-pedi for Father’s Day and see if he doesn’t get hooked. Who knows?  Maybe nail varnish will [Read More…]

Shark Week Comes Early @JackSpade

Here’s one way to feature your bermuda short SKU’s:  Skark Kill Units

Milan Fashion Week Highlights: Day Two!

Photo Credits: You know how much we love high fashion but, to find out how to rock what’s in the stores NOW, check out The Latest In…on SRCtv. Here’s one of our favorite clips:  GQ Stylist Michael Cioffoletti and Earth Wind Fire’s Verdine White join Luke and Julia to answer a few questions!  

Here’s to the Ladies Who Loaf

The high-heeled, platform loafer has installed itself for Fall.  Actresses love these for the height of the heel and the stability/comfort of the platform.  I’m using them this season on Penny Johnson, the new precinct captain. Slip into a pair and work that sexy secretary look. Pert from Prada Retro-Charged from River Island Saddle stitched [Read More…]

The Missing Link to Your Look

Dear Luscious Luke, my late father-n-law & late hubby left me their vintage can I use them? Any ideas? Thanks Gone to purple Dear Gone, Lucky, lucky girl! Get thee to the resale and vintage shops stat!  Pick up some men’s french cuff shirts and play around with repurposing them to suit your style. [Read More…]

By Denim Bedevil’d

Dear Style Deity, what’s a guys supposed to do about skinny jeans? I need a new pair and my eyes cross when I think about sorting through endless tables of denim. Thanks, Too Many Jeans, Too Little Time Dear Too Many, The best thing I can do for you is refer you to the GQ [Read More…]

The Short Answer

Dear Style Dude, Okay, so here’s a summer question. Should shorts fall above/below/on the knees? Is it a preference thing? Thanks, Cut-off from my Cut-offs Dear Cut-off, If you go by the market, 70% of men’s shorts are cut to end at the bottom of the knee cap. The slimmer the leg and the fewer [Read More…]