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Valentine’s Watch for Him

If you’re looking to give something with a quiet kind of swank and a good dose of  glam, consider a timepiece. While the influx of the digital age may have eliminated a pressing need for watches, the accessories have remained a fashion staple.  The market is wide open and there is a style for every [Read More…]

Featured Product: United with Love Tee

This week I’m featuring a product inspired by one of my favorite guest actors on Castle, Gilles Marini (also of Sex and the City and Brothers and Sisters fame). Gille partnered with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, one of the charities supported by the sale of Ford Warriors in Pink wear.   This fitted cotton tee is [Read More…]

The Manly ManiPedi: It’s Not Just for Quarterbacks Anymore

Just Like Joe Namath and panythose, Wilt Chamberlin and Chinchilla fur and Denis Rodman and body jewelry, Tim Tebow is making it all right for jocks the countrywide to rush their local nail parlor. Get your dad a mani-pedi for Father’s Day and see if he doesn’t get hooked. Who knows?  Maybe nail varnish will [Read More…]

Shark Week Comes Early @JackSpade

Here’s one way to feature your bermuda short SKU’s:  Skark Kill Units

Liberace Biopic Rated “S” for Sequins

Stephen Sodergergh’s torrid biopic of the life and loves of Lou Liberace airs Sunday on HBO at 9pm.   Ellen Mirojnick’s costumes are a character all by themselves.  Check back in here for more  insider view as we countdown to the meltdown.

The Prince of Orange

I know it may appear to some that I’m obsessed with all things orange, like these rubber surf shoes from Swims of Norway.  But really, now could I resist?  I mean, they’re RUBBER!!! And ORANGE!!!  Swims is putting out a great line right now.  I caught up with their collection at Sy Devore in Sherman [Read More…]

Stana Katic Hot in Hot Pink

The Spirit Awards purple carpet was made more magical by a visit from my favorite leading lady Stana Katic, stunning in hot pink Donna Karan Here she gives fellow actor Alessandro Nivola her Take-No-Prisoners smile.  And a farewell smooch before heading into the Spirit Awards.

Milan Fashion Week Highlights: Day Two!

Photo Credits: You know how much we love high fashion but, to find out how to rock what’s in the stores NOW, check out The Latest In…on SRCtv. Here’s one of our favorite clips:  GQ Stylist Michael Cioffoletti and Earth Wind Fire’s Verdine White join Luke and Julia to answer a few questions!  

Here’s to the Ladies Who Loaf

The high-heeled, platform loafer has installed itself for Fall.  Actresses love these for the height of the heel and the stability/comfort of the platform.  I’m using them this season on Penny Johnson, the new precinct captain. Slip into a pair and work that sexy secretary look. Pert from Prada Retro-Charged from River Island Saddle stitched [Read More…]

The Missing Link to Your Look

Dear Luscious Luke, my late father-n-law & late hubby left me their vintage can I use them? Any ideas? Thanks Gone to purple Dear Gone, Lucky, lucky girl! Get thee to the resale and vintage shops stat!  Pick up some men’s french cuff shirts and play around with repurposing them to suit your style. [Read More…]