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Bloggers We Love: Wendy Nyugen of Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy Nyugen of Wendy’s Lookbook proves that florals aren’t just for Spring in her chic Fall ensemble. The olive green tones in her coat and spotted dress are the perfect contrast to the bright, poppy colors that come alive near the hemline. Her lipstick red Charlotte Olympia heels and Celine bag are the ultimate bold and [Read More…]

Shark Week Comes Early @JackSpade

Here’s one way to feature your bermuda short SKU’s:  Skark Kill Units

Date Dressing:In Character is On Target

Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs. This is the principle behind lotteries, dating, and religion. -Scott Adams This is not to say that your chances of getting a winning date are equivalent to that of winning the lottery.  But sometimes it can seem [Read More…]

Should You Bring Him Flowers on the First Date?

Absolutely!  Especially when they come in the form of a spirited print! First of all the stores are crawling with DRESSES!  A great time to pick a few up to have on hand (because next season there may be none around!) From brights to pastels it’s all fair game.  All over prints, or engineered like [Read More…]

Breast Blessed

Dear Luke, I’m starting to date after being off the market for over ten years.  I’ve gotten a lot of action off of my profile and have set up my first date.  I like my body and I’m very curvy with a healthy bust.  My question is:  How much cleavage is appropriate to show [Read More…]

Spring Into Dating by Easing Into a Fresh Look

Spring is here.  The sap is stirring in the trees, bulbs are popping (in California anyway)–every plant known to man is putting out some form of pollen.  I exhort you, through my haze of antihistamines, to get with the season with some light to heavy dating.  Nature is on your side, so why not?! There [Read More…]

Spring Formal

Spring!  When a young girl’s fancy turns to…proms!  This week Secrets of the Red Carpet looks at all things prom, cocktail, semi-formal, formal and generally fancy. From the simply outrageous…   To some Little Black Magic… To the accessories that will make that siren dress sing… Plus tips on the Inside Job of Prom Glamour [Read More…]

At Easter let your clothes be new Or else be sure you will it rue

The Easter Bonnet is the culmination of the idea of ‘new clothes for Easter.’  In my opinion, Easter just isn’t Easter without a hat!  My first apartment in San Francisco was down the street from an evangelical chapel and let me tell you, on Easter Sunday the ladies pulled it OUT.  There must have been [Read More…]

Suitably Spring Like

Too cold to wear an Easter dress? Pastel pantsuits are the latest craze and completely versatile.  Take it soft, sassy or sophisticated with a top in knit, satin or crisp cotton.  Bring it all together with off-white belt, bag and shoes. Also! Add this sleek style and build your style foundation! Be sure to check [Read More…]

Spring Renewal for Your Feet

Actors tell me they find their character when they get the right shoes.  The right Easter shoes can set your style character for the season. Shoes are an essential for preparing your Easter look. These pastel heels with ankle straps are perfect for going from church to Easter dinner. Make them pop by pairing with [Read More…]