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Tag Archives: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for the Fashionista

Once you’ve moved into serious relationship territory, you might be looking to splurge a little this Valentine’s Day. And brother,  nothing says love like Italian leather. Okay, maybe not exactly but that doesn’t make Ralph Lauren’s hand-stitched Italian leather Soft Ricky bag any less fabulous for the 14th. This red edition is designed to celebrate [Read More…]

Valentine’s Day for the Music Lover

Why not inject a little a little ambience into Cupid’s Day with one of the many fabulous bluetooth speaker systems on the market.  From tech to fill your whole house to some portable to be a keyring, choices abound. The Sonos system is an absolute favorite of mine. The speakers allow you to stream music [Read More…]

Valentine’s Day Jewelry

The whole jewelry-on-Valentine’s-Day thing is a classic and if you wanna crank up the uniqueness factor to set yourself apart from the rest, consider wowing her with a vintage piece. Find one in excellent condition that’s nothing like anything on the market today. Costume and estate jewelry, for example, are often one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t [Read More…]

Valentine’s Spa Day

When it comes to romance, you should never underestimate the power of a little R&R. A spa day is a sure-fire hit because she’ll love it, and it’s not always something she’d plan for herself. Do a little Google search to find a great spa near you or you can check out Spa Week, which offers gift [Read More…]

Valentine’s Gift Idea for Guy Suave’

Nothing really beats a man who smells nice (am I right or am I right?), so why not give your guy a leg up  investing in a little designer cologne this Valentine’s Day . There is a plethora of options with a variety of notes and varying degrees of  potency, so it shouldn’t be too [Read More…]

Valentine’s Day for the Romantic

If you’re struggling to uncork the romance with your partner this Valentine’s Day, consider a gift that will make romantic memories the whole year long. Toast in style with Waterford Crystal – for function with fashion pedigree. The stemless design makes them so much easier to load in the dishwasher, so you can ditch the cleaning [Read More…]

Valentine’s Day for the Tool Man

Picking out a gift for your guy can be a challenge.  Make it a little easier by  taking a page from the boyfriend’s playbook.  You know how he gets you sexy lingerie and it’s really a present for him?  Valentine’s turnabout is fair play.  Get him something that he will like and you will benefit [Read More…]

Valentine’s Kick-off: Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

With Valentine’s Day peeking right around the corner, I thought I’d jumpstart the romantic holiday with a list of some of my favorite gifts for the significant other in your life. Each day, I’ll be alternating options for him and her, so be sure to check back in for more romance enhancers. For Her: Chocolate [Read More…]

The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentines’ Day Bliss

Valentines Day.  For those of us in an unattached state it is the calendar date that can cause a range of response from mild annoyance to full on despondency.  St. Valentine went around marrying couples in defiance of the Roman emperor Claudius.  For which he was martyred.   Don’t turn V-Day into your day of [Read More…]